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DLK Pro Inspection Key
For fast, mobile checks
The DLK Pro Inspection Key is the ideal solution for quickly and easily checking driver and vehicle data for infringements and archiving it at the same time, as per legal requirements.

Digital tachograph data is downloaded via the serial 6-PIN interface, which is compatible with all digital tachographs. The integrated chip card reader enables
data to be downloaded straight from the driver card. The high-speed USB interface then transfers the data quickly and securely to the computer. 

The mobile Key in mobile phone format offers maximum comfort and easy handling, not least thanks to its integrated 2.2" TFT touch screen, which displays infringements on site, as per European legislation. The handy Key also provides information about the charge level of the rechargeable battery and memory capacity.

The DLK Pro Inspection Key is ideal for small fleets and self-driving entrepreneurs where the monitoring of data for infringements is required, but without comprehensive evaluations.

Benefits of the DLK Pro Inspection Key:

Complete system for mobile data download including the checking of infringements as per European legislation, Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006
Fulfilment of the legal download obligation for fleet operators and workshops
Fulfilment of the legal archiving obligation for vehicle fleets
Downloading of mass memory and driver card data to all digital tachographs (compatible with 12V and 24V devices)
Optional data download straight from the driver card via the integrated chip card reader
Handy 2.2" TFT touch screen for displaying the last downloads, the download status, the charge level of the rechargeable battery and the currently available memory capacity
Additional LED for displaying the download status, plus an acoustic signal when the download is complete
Reminder for due downloads
2 GB memory
Signature checking of the download files
Visualisation of the data, e.g. driver and vehicle activities (driving time, working time and rest periods), speed values, events, faults and infringement reports at the PC.
User-configurable start screen
No external power supply required for digital tachograph data downloads and evaluation at the PC
Memory for around 6,000 quarterly downloads
Fast data transport from the digital tachograph to the PC thanks to the high-speed USB interface
29 languages available (Italian and Dutch must be registered)
Inspectionkey Portable Set
Mobile tool for mobile roadside checks
Simple and safe

The Inspectionkey Portable Set is the practical, reliable and simple solution for obtaining a quick overview when carrying out roadside checks of drivers and vehicles equipped with digital tachographs.
It enables the inspecting official to check a driver card quickly and reliably and to show a suspected infringement in the simplest way via an LED display. The same applies to the mass memory data from the digital tachograph.
If device manipulation or overspeeding is suspected, a red LED signal is displayed on site.
Provided that no infringement is suspected, the driver can continue on his journey after just a few minutes without unnecessary delay.
The checking of the data takes place in accordance with:
Regulation (EC) No. 561/2006 of the European Parliament. If these inspection procedures indicate the need to download the rest of the data from the digital tachograph, this can be carried out immediately and in problem-free manner, by simply keeping the Inspectionkey in the tachograph‘s front interface after the LED signal has been displayed.

The pre-configured download is then carried out automatically by the Inspectionkey and saved in its memory. If evidence is required, we recommend that relevant printouts are created on the digital tachograph for „Events and Faults“, „Technical Data“ and, if required, for „Daily Activities“.

The inspections carried out during the roadside check can be displayed later on the computer in the officials’ vehicle or in the police station. Just a few mouse clicks enable the user to see the type of suspected infringement involved in the individual inspections. The officials can then analyse the download data in the usual way, using a data evaluation system like TIS-Web®, TIS-Office® or a third-party product, and subsequently inflict a relevant penalty for any confirmed infringement.


    DLK Pro Inspection Key
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