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Batteries for industial, commercial vehicles, earthmoving machines.

We offer the most extensive line of automotive and light truck batteries in the world - with sizes and power levels to fit 97 percent of vehicles on the road today. Whether you drive an economy car, a luxury sedan, a classic muscle machine or anything in between, we've got your battery.


When you depend on your truck, tractor or construction equipment for your livelihood, down-time is not an option. We offer a complete line of heavy duty batteries that fit your on-road or off-road vehicle to get the job done.

As battery life duration is strongly affected by the conditions of its use, we supply a wide range of heavy duty batteries aimed to cover all the energy needs of the professional user.

Quality level guaranteed by complying with “Original Spare Part” regulations / Specifically recommended for Post-2000 parc under intensive use / Extended product life in most demanding vehicle use conditions / Resisting most rough cycling and vibration requirements / Standard starting power / Safe & Clean handling and storage thanks to spark & spill-proof cell plugs / Reduced maintenance cell construction.

Large engine size, electrical braking systems, extra equipment demanding high current peaks, frequent use of lifters for heavy loads (tail-lift, platforms, cranes), special electronics, cabin devices or low emission equipments, stop & start deliveries, very short journeys and dense urban traffic, difficult uneven roads, country tracks, tilted driving, agricultural & construction activities or extra long chassis.

Quality level compliant with “Part of Matching Quality” regulations / Suitable for all parc under regular use / Regular product life in most common vehicle use conditions / Increased starting security compared with standard batteries / Clean handling and storage thanks to spill-proof cell plugs / Low maintenance cell construction.

Quality level compliant with “Part of Matching Quality” regulations / Specially recommended for Pre-2000 parc under regular use / Wide range of fitment options / Standard starting power / Low maintenance cell construction.  


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